Liquidation of a company in Poland is a complex process with the minimum statutory period of six months to complete. We provide comprehensive corporate and accounting services until successful completion of liquidation process. If required, we will assess the most efficient ways to capitalize the company to ensure orderly liquidation.


Alternatively, to provide an immediate exit for the shareholders, we can acquire the shares in the company for liquidation.


In short, the process involves:

  • Preparation of shareholders resolution on commencement of liquidation, appointment of a liquidator and dissolution of the company
  • Reporting commencement of liquidation to the National Court Register and publishing of the announcement calling the creditors to report their claims
  • Preparation of the financial statements as of opening and closing of liquidation
  • Liquidation proceedings involving disposal of assets, dismissal of employees, collection of receivables and settlement of payables
  • Notifications to competent authorities for deregistration
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Arranging for storage of accounting and payroll files for the minimum required statutory periods
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